Good life in Hyvinkää

The municipal election program of the Green party in Hyvinkää. Adopted in the association’s general assembly on 10.1.2021:

#1 The Greens change the world, so that life on earth can flourish – this work starts in the municipality.

The decisions affecting ecological diversity and the local environment are made in our municipalities. These decisions are not indifferent, and we are all responsible for their consequences. The protection of groundwater, biodiversity, and our cultural environment as well as striving after a carbon neutral city are all cornerstones of Green policy making.

A city the size of a human

A city cannot be built only on the terms of the economy; a verdant, park-like city structure and an animated city centre are a value on their own. When planning new neighbourhoods, we bring together the needs of our local environment and a growing city. Public space belongs to us – to the town dwellers.

#2 A good life for everybody

Involvement in the decisions made on one’s everyday life is foundational to a good life. This feeling is a fundamental right, no matter of your age or background. Time spent with our loved ones, quality past-time activities and reliable support in mundane problems bring stability to our lives. Accessibility and equality must also be a part of all public services. Functioning social and health care services are the right of all the people of Hyvinkää. In a green municipality we have zero tolerance for racism, harassment, and discrimination.

Education and knowledge

In Hyvinkää all children have the right to equal and egalitarian day care and basic education. We must support those schools especially, who have the most challenges. Nobody is allowed to fall by the wayside. People in all age groups should have the possibility to life-long learning and doing so secure their opportunities in an ever-changing world. Everybody’s dream is equally important. Our task is to make sure anyone can become anything they want to be.

Culture and well-being

Culture brings people together, increases employment and improves social well-being. In Hyvinkää culture takes only a small part of public expenses but brings a larger effect. Art and culture improve health and well-being and make the city lucrative for youngsters, families, and growing businesses. Culture’s magic and an animated city make people want to move back.

#3 Tomorrow is built together.

Hyvinkää is a good place to be, live and work. In the future our city must secure the best conditions for distance work. We must look after creative solutions in public decision making to support work opportunities through sustainable development and provide equal prerequisites to the companies of all sizes.

The municipality is a community of people, where local democracy must be further empowered. A green city the size of a human is built together, and all decisions are based on science and fact checked information.

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