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Hyvinkään vihreät, represents The Green party of Finland in the municipality of Hyvinkää. Green movement started in Hyvinkää at the municipal elections in 1984, when green list gained 7,8% and 4 seats in the city council. Hyvinkään vihreät as an association was started in fall 1986, making us slightly older than the green party of Finland itself.

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Current season of 2017-2021: we are 3rd largest political group in Hyvinkää’s city council. Electoral votes 13,6% gave us 7 of 51 seats, 8th representative joined our group in 2018.


  • Terhi Korpela
  • Minna Hyytiäinen (Reserve Chairman of the group)
  • Aki Korpela (Chairman of the group)
  • Nina Pyykkönen
  • Sanna-Kaisa Patjas
  • Markku Jahnukainen
  • Sirpa Kalliomaa (joined 2018)
  • Satu Kontiainen (from the 1st reserve seat at 2020)

Greens have representation in every committee of Hyvinkää, including city executive board with member (Aki Korpela), and 2nd chairman of the city council (Sanna-Kaisa Patjas). Other chairman positions include chairman of the environmental committee (Terhi Korpela) and vice-chairman of culture and wellness committee (Minna Hyytiäinen). Full list of our representatives here (in Finnish).

Our politics

Green party’s cornerstone in ambitious environmental politics. Best legacy to our children, is clean and well-being nature. Needs of a growing city are sometimes challenging nature’s values – we aim to protect our clean ground water, soils, swamps and groves. We want to preserve diversity and aim our city into carbon neutrality.

All build environment must be accessible, regardless of ones degree of mobility. Same applies to the entire society. Nobody should be excluded. We want to build an equal society in which everyone can participate.

Greens cherish diverse field of culture in our city as an hobby or even as profession. Let’s seek rich experiences from culture – not from shopping.

People should be heard more when decisions are made, also in between elections. Open discussion and dialogue about city’s future should impact us all.

More of our politics here (in Finnish), and city initiatives here (in Finnish).

Welcome to the movement!
Work for the environment, equality, education and greener future is done between elections. With your membership fee you support our work for a better world.
Learn how to join here: Join now – Greens

You are most welcome to join the action too, come see us at the events, talk to us in Facebook or Instagram, or contact us directly.

Not interested in joining a party? We accept support members, independent from the green party. Contact us for more info.

Did you know, that you may be eligible to vote and become candidate, even if you’re not citizen of Finland:
– You have the right to vote in municipal elections if you are a citizen of Finland, another EU Member State, Iceland or Norway, and you meet the following criteria:
1) you are 18 years of age at the latest on the election day, and
2) you are assigned a municipality of residence in Finland in two month prior the election.
– If you are a citizen of some other country, you may vote in the municipal elections if:
1) you are 18 years of age at the latest on the election day, and
2) you have had a municipality of residence in Finland for a continuous period of at least two years.
Learn more from here.